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Storia de Il Ceppo di Monteriggioni

Everything started with Quinto. Now, this name is not a common name down here, since everybody here in Siena knows Quinto. Why? Well, you could ask the hundreds of hungry students that in the '50s found in him a generous, nice and fantastic host that provided them with such huge, rich, faboulous sandwiches that his first small restaurant had lines of youngsters out of the door waiting. Quinto fed many stomachs and brains for generations. After the famous sandwiches, he opened a "trattoria", one of the most famous all over the county. Try to search “Da Quinto al Ceppo” on national and international travel guides and you will notice that all of them, italians, germans, british, french wrote down which good food you could get at Quinto with very few money. Rich dishes, high quality, honest prices. A dream? No, our life.

Storia del Ceppo di Monteriggioni

Time goes by and children and grandsons are born. We still all live together and we all work here. We noticed that many guests arrive tired, they eat but they would like to rest before leaving. We are located exactly on the Francigena road. Ancient inns offered food and a bed. Well, let's do it! No big hotel like many others, no farmhouse (we are not farmers!), only a dozen sober rooms, clean and warm to let the people rest if they want. Each crossing gives the chance to reach many places. The sun burns, a delicate breeze coils the hills, the fields are red with the earth of Siena. We think it's a good idea. The hydraulic comes for breakfast, the doctor for a crouton, the foreigner for a dish of pappardelle with wildboar sauce, a group of friends for croutons and wine. They come and go, they come and go. This road sees all of this since a millenium. And its spirit remained the same.

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